SlideJoy – make money from an app

SlideJoy – Make money from an APP!

Hello Brilliant World! Yes you can make money with apps such as SlideJoy. No this is not a quick fix. It takes time. And chances are you wont make enough to cover your bills.
Just an easy way to maybe earn a night at the movies, or get some Froyo! Or give back and donate it to a charity ❤

Slide Joy does work. I have cashed out on it more than once!


Lets start with Slidejoy, as I have been using this one the longest.
is for ANDROID only. (at least for now)

This is probably the easiest way to make money.  You earn Carats buy unlocking your screen. 
Now you are probably saying wait. WHAT? That can’t be… and what the heck is a Carat?

Lets walk you though how this works.

1. Download the app – SlideJoy on your Android.
2. It is going to have you sign up. Follow through with those prompts
3. Now every time you turn on your screen you will have an image pop up. (picture to the right)
   You have three options:
-Swipe Right – gets you to your unlock screen or to your home screen if you don’t lock your phone.
-Swipe Left – takes you to the ad it is showing you
-Swipe Down – Takes you to a Trending Now Screen.

I pretty much always swipe right. That gets me carats, and back onto my normal agenda. (I will explain those soon)

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This tab is where you cash out.
Every 1,000 carats =$1

You can get gift cards, paypal or donate to a cause.



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This page doesn’t have much importance other than to show you other people are clamming money.



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