Pay Your Selfie – make money from an APP

Making Money from a SmartPhone

Hello Brilliant World! Yes you really can make money with apps. No this is not a quick fix. It takes time. And chances are you wont make enough to cover your bills.
Just an easy way to maybe earn a night at the movies, or get some Froyo! Or give back and donate it to a charity ❤  Pay Your Selfie does work.

It really depends on following the app weekly for new opportunities to take a selfie.

Pay Your Selfie

Is it true?! Can I really take selfies and make money?!

It isn’t just any selfie. There are tasks behind them. But yes. You get paid for selfies.!
Download Pay Your Selfie to try it out!

1. Download the app – Pay Your Selfie 
2. Follow the prompts to sign up, you must be 18.
3. Start taking selfies.

It is pretty much that simple. But I will break it down so you can see just how it works!


It asks for some basic information
Date of Birth
and a Selfie – guess what your profile picture you earn a $1 on!

BOOM already making money!

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Pay your Selfie

The Home Screen will show you which tasks are available to take. 
I kind of think of this like a selfie scavenger hunt. You get paid to take a selfie with what they describe.
You  can see that different photos pay out different amounts.

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Selfie Shelfie

Once you take a task, they put your selfies here. You can see once they are approved and if they are still pending.  You also can see how much you made off of each selfie.



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