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I created this blog to give you a glimpse of my life.  People find me entertaining, creative, and sometimes even inspiring.  I want to put this out there, this is no perfect blog, I am a full-time single mamma, a student working towards a Bachelors in Marketing, and I work in the “real world.” – no this blog doesn’t pay my bills… although I wish it did.  I started this blog for more than one reason, to utilize my skills and keep them fresh, to share my ideas and hobbies with others, for people to know they can relate to someone because life isn’t always beautiful even though we try to make it look like it is.  I hope you enjoy, are inspired, and I hope you stay brilliant, thank you for stopping in.  

I recently moved hosts, as much as I would love to blog full time, it just isn’t a fit at this time. The cost of the blog was getting pricey for something I was making so little money. To help pay for this blog and the items I use to blog about you will find links through out this site because I am an Amazon Associate & I earn a very small commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you all for your support! Hope you enjoy my journey in this life of adulting.