Family Photo Challenge

Hi Readers! (Me waving my hand from a distance)
I write this from my home, during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
I could tell you all the miserable things going on, but we all have our own challenges and miserable expierence. Instead, today I want to share something we did over the weekend that was easy to facilitate and we had alot of fun doing. The great thing about this activity is you don’t all have to be in the same house hold to play! Here is how we planned and played it out –

1. We all picked three noun’s or adjectives that we thought would take good photos. This gave us a list of 15 items. Here is our list:

Something that starts with J
Something White

2. Once we had a list, we set a time limt of how long we wanted to take to find these items, we gave 60 minutes.

I would love to show you pictures of all of us being creative, but I was busy taking photos myself.

3. Once our time ran out, we all met back at the house. Uploaded our photos to one computer. Placed them all in a powerpoint, and presented them through Zoom. (our judge was not in the same home)

4. The judge did not know who took what photos, and picked one photo out of every catagory.
Here are our photos for each catagory:

As you can see we all were very creative, it gave us a chance to look in the eyes and minds of others, while still connecting. I hope you are all staying safe!

Cheers ❤

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