Mystery Shopper

Being a single Mom going out is not always an option… until I found out about Mystery Shopping! I had never in a million years thought I could be a mystery shopper! It turns out, it is easier than ya think!

I have found several companies, and always open to others… I do have my favorites though. I have been able to go to the movies, dinner, massage, & hotels just to name a few things.

The most common question I get is the $$. Yes, you pay up front and they reimburse you. Just like a job, you have to do the work before you are paid…same goes as a mystery shop. Employers pay these companies for the feedback from the mystery shopper, so if you don’t do your end, you shouldn’t get paid for it!

Some shops you can get paid & reimbursed, and some are just reimbursements. You know all the details before you ever sign up.

Second questions I get is where do I sign up! Let me make this easy for you – sign up
HERE & I will get you the information on my favorite company to mystery shop with. Once you sign up there, I then can send you even more companies… and the fun will grow from there.

Happy Shopping, and if you have questions you can always DM on IG

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