Girly Girlz Trip

For my daughters Seventh Birthday I bought her a Girly Girlz experience in Scottsdale Arizona. It was on Groupon, and sounded like something she would enjoy. It gave us One 30-Minute Sweet Treat Tea Party for Two. I am sure this would be much more fun for girls and their friends then their mom… but I really try to connect with her why she still enjoys playing with me.

I was a bit of a critic going to this, which I hate to say this…as I think the idea is 100% genius, I think I could have execute it alot better.

When you arrive, the staff is welcoming and wonderful. They bring you into your private tea party and have you put on boa’s and necklaces. And then to pick your spots to have a tea party.
I think you could really take this a step farther by adding a few more dress up items such as tea gloves and hats.

The room was adorable, and the tea cups and plates were perfect, looked like a fairy tale. Once you sit down they bring in your “tea” which is actually pink lemonade, which is great because tea is not for everyone, especially little girls. In addition to the “tea” they also bring a dish of gummy bears.
There was definitely room for improvement in the first course. The lemonade was likely crystal lite, and I believe this was a missed opportunity, a lavender lemonade or even pink lemonade with a side of berries to enhance your drink. The gummy bears, which my daughter loved were my least favorite part of the dish. The could have easily done a cute heart shaped rice-crispy treat, or a fresh bowl of fruit for the first course, or even a cake pop…something more visually appealing.

The second course comes in, they refill your tea cup, and have your grab a cookie off a plate. There is a fairy that makes all the treats for the tea party that left pink sprinkles on the cookies. Cute story, but store bought cookies… you know the ones that come in a package of 12 or more from the bakery. I am all for cookies, love cookies, they are even the number one sold sweet in America… but can we be a little more creative than the basic cookie we have at school or barbecue? If it was up to me and my business, I would connect with a local bakery and order from them. I also would bring them on a plate for each person just to keep it professional.

Third course was a cupcake and more lemonade. The fairy sprinkled her magic pink sugar sprinkles on these too! These cupcakes were home made, and a bit dry. This again could be the perfect opportunity for a bakery to shine! Cupcakes or a slice of cake…. really any thing that presentation was adorable and the memory piece.

Over all, the experience was cute and my daughter loved it.
I am just the critic that thinks there is a missed opportunity!

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