Poop & Men

Poop & Men – I know this sounds like a weird blog post… hear me out!

It’s the weekend, family time.  All five of us hanging out at home.  After several minutes of Dad out of the main room, one of the girls always asks, “Where is Dad?”
My response at least 80% of the time is “In the bathroom.”  Which means two things, he is gone long enough for the girls to notice, and that means he is pooping.

One day when Kay and I were sitting on the couch she asked me where her Dad was.  Then after my normal response, she asked me “Why do guys take so long to poop?”
I told her I had no clue, but that it seemed normal they take longer than women, and my guess was they get distracted reading or playing on their phone.

After our conversation, Kay decided she was going to write a research paper on it.  Off to the computer she went.

Her findings were not great, but this report was too good to not share!  I hope you enjoy.

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If you are curious about learning more about poop… this book sits in the bathroom at our home, kind of perfect reading material.