New Passion – Photography

I don’t think I have mentioned this before, but I have been going back to school. Yup. 30 years old, single mama, working full time… and now school (why my blog has had less content)
I chose to go back to school because I finally figured out what I would enjoy and be good at for a career.  I am sure anything I do I will be good at… but to figure out what I actually wanted to do was another story.

Second semester in and I am doing awesome, looking at another 4.0 GPA this semester (still 6-8 weeks to go.)  I promise, I have a point for this post.

During this time I have been learning a ton about marketing and just analyzing life a little different and paying more attention to details in marketing.  I am currently in a photography class, and I didn’t see myself making this a passion, but more just an occasional hobby. However, after hearing and seeing other photographers take photos and hear how it was created it gave me a whole new meaning.  I am not sure I would be able to make photography a career, but in any business, photos are important, especially with social media!

I think photography is more fun when it is collaborative, you can hear what others think of your photo, how their photos look, how they took those photos, what lenses they use… I could go on with this… you get the idea.  I wanted a way I could collaborate with other likeminded people.

I always have a solution… or find a way to make one.  Here it is.  A FACEBOOK GROUP.  It is in the beginning stages, like two members right now…. But you start somewhere, right?  My idea is to have organized chaos, a chance to bounce photos around… and maybe my blog can benefit from this.

How? I want to take the photos from the group and combine them and share them!  We can take projects from around the world and graph them together.  Of course, I will give credit and links (if they have them) to the photographers that are willing to share with this part.  What that means is maybe a monthly post just about the photos shared! I am excited.

Here are a few of my personal favorite photos I have taken since I started my class.  Hope you enjoy!

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OH! Here is the link in case you want to join the group