Essential Oil – Lemon

I am a bit obsessed with Essential Oils.  I use them every day.  I have a diffuser pretty much in every room of my house, and one at my desk at work.  I have roll-on’s everywhere, and my daughter even has a couple.  

I recently discovered how little so many know about them over all.  As I grow my cabinet of oils I will share some insight on the oils I buy, how they can be used, what I use them for, and other things they can help with.

Lemon EO

What is its purpose?

All oils can be used for different purposes some of the primary uses for Lemon are air purification, anxiety, atherosclerosis, autism, bathroom/kitchen cleaning, brain injury, carpets, colds (common), concentration (poor), constipation, Cushing’s syndrome, depression, dishes (sanitizing), disinfecting, dysentery, fever, furniture polish, gout, grief/sorrow, gum/grease removal, hangover, heartburn, kidney stones, laundry, malaria, mumps, overeating, postpartum depression, relaxing, stress, uplifting, varicose veins, water purification.

Lets dig a little deeper into Lemon EO because it has sooo many uses! 

This oil may be beneficial for anxiety, blood pressure, soothing broken capillaries, dissolving cellulite, improving clarity of thought, debility, digestive problems, energy, gallstones, hair (cleansing), promoting leukocyte formation, liver deficiencies in children, lymphatic system cleansing, memory improvement, nails (strengthening and hardening), nerves, nervous conditions, respiratory problems, cleaning dirty kids’ skin, eliminating sore throats, reducing stress, and promoting a sense of well-being. It works extremely well in removing gum, wood stain, oil, and grease spots. It may also brighten a pale, dull complexion by removing dead skin cells.

How does it affect the body?

It can affect the Digestive, Immune, and Respiratory Systems.

How to use:

You can Apply to Vita Flex Points and/or directly on area of concern. or diffuse.  You can also use orally if using a HIGH grade oil and states it is safe for consumption.  You would simply dilute one drop oil in 1 tsp. honey or in 4 oz. of beverage (i.e. soy/rice milk). I add mine into my yogurt and honey in the mornings.

Consult a physician before using this blend if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or suffering from a medical condition. Do not apply to areas of sensitive tissues. Not for children under six years old; use with caution and in greater dilution for children 6 years old and over.
Avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after use. Can cause extreme skin irritation.

The information on this oil I received from Young-Living.

If you are looking for more information on Essential Oils check out the basics

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