Natural Dye Free Colored Hair

Hello Brilliant World!! Can you believe there is a Natural Dye Free colored hair option!!  EEEEEEEK. I am SO EXCITED to try this!!!  I always see people have these fun colors in there hair.  I am not one to dye my hair. The time it takes, and the damage that is done, NO THANK YOU.

But NOW. This caught my eye!  Colored Hair here I COME!
It is not Dye.  It is a color depositing conditioner.  It has no harmful chemicals, no peroxide, no ammonia, no heavy alcohols, and nothing that will dry out or damage your hair!  It acts as a semi-permanent deposit for color, not bleach or lightening your hair.

I ordered just the conditioner to start.  You wear gloves, because the colors could stain your hands, rub all over hair after washing, let sit for 3 -5 minutes then rinse.  The conditioner will last as long as a semi-permanent dye would, but if you continue to use, it will continue to color.
This would not be a good one night option – if that is what you were thinking.

Thinking bold? They got you covered.  Thinking just a little, they got you covered too!! They have 3 variations:










 – Pastel line contains 20% of the color formula and is meant for those who like to maintain a hint of colo

 – Vibrant line contains 60% of the color formula and is meant for those who have rich, true color – bona fide lavishness 

 – Extreme line contains 100% of the color formula and is for those who want their bright, electric, head-turning color without the risk of fading.

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If your hair is anything darker than a medium blonde, they recommend going with the Extreme line in your favorite color. The best way to add color with the oVertone conditioners is to use the Deep Treatment in the color you’ve chosen as your normal conditioner until you’ve reached a color that you’re happy with. From there, use the Daily Conditioner on a regular basis and sub in Deep Treatment once a week to add an extra pop of color and keep your strands looking fresh. 
 – so in other words… I wont see much difference in my hair with the sample I ordered, but I just wanted an idea of how this all works, the smell, the feel, how my hair reacts to it.

I also loved that this product is Vegan and plant-based.

Once I get my order in, I will let you know all the details on how well it works!! But I am so excited and wanted to show you all how awesome this looks!

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Can’t wait for my results?!

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